Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster at Off Broadway

Justin (of Water Liars) returned to the stage at Off Broadway this week, to play tunes off his 2nd solo album! He had a full band in tow this time around, which was nice to see again. He’s played many solo house shows in recent years. I’ve been following his music and going to his shows for about a decade now, which is crazy to think about! Off Broadway feels like home to me, a place Ill keep returning to year after year, to see some of my favorite songwriters/musicians. At one point during the show Justin stated “Things have changed a lot here, but they’ve always stayed the same”, which of course made me tear up. It all comes full circle sometimes. We (the musicians and fans) are the constants.

What made this night even more special was Bo & the Locomotive opening! I’ve been seeing them play for about a decade now too, and have always been one of my fav local bands.

Also on the bill was Spencer Thomas, and woah!! So good.

Friends + Music + Old home away from homes + Nostalgia = a great night!

P.S. Black & white images are my fav at Off Broadway! There’s just something so classic about them :)